Colonel Gin


A bottle of our great Colonel Gin. Legend has it the recipe was made by the Colonel for his men to drink before heading to battle. This fine drink consists of the finest botanicals and herbs brought together in pure harmony. Discover the great taste for yourself and order your bottle now!

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The Legend of Colonel Gin

The Colonel and his men depended on their gin, on the strong juice of the juniper berry. It was their gulp of blind courage before the starting gun. It was their praise to victory and brotherhood as they celebrated their triumphs. It was their elixir to wash away what they saw that day.

After a streak of victories, the old Colonel fell honorably on the field. Decades later, the 1917 recipe for his favorite spirit was found scribbled on a yellowy note, crinkled in the hem of his army jacket.

Botanicals & herbs

This fine gin consists of more than 10 herbs but succeeds in finding the perfect harmony within complex aromas.Our unique mix of botanicals consists of pepper, juniper, clove, thyme, lemon, basil, malt, lavender, cacao, orange and more.